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Kristina Kockova
Name Kristina Kockova
Organisation  EBN
Job title Project financial Officer

Sector expertise:

Kristina is a Project financial Officer at EBN responsible for monitoring the financial part of the EBN project portfolio (around 25 projects for about 1 million EUR per year).

She optimises and improves the way the financial reporting is carried out and delivered in, works closely with project managers in preparation of financial reports, further develops and implements new tools, processes and systems to improve financial reporting.

She simplified the timesheet system and supervises that it fulfils EU requirements and EBN needs. Each year she prepares the project budgets and forecasts by closely monitoring HR.

She is also involved in project engineering preparation.

Kristina previously worked as a Project Manager at EBN. She managed WeHubs, Watify projects and contributed to Acttivate, Tesla, Make it Global, SFS, and other projects. She was also involved in financial reporting of EBN projects.

She works half-time – Mondays, Fridays and Tuesdays afternoon.

Kristina holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree from the Economic University of Bratislava and a Master’s degree in European Affairs at Sciences Po Paris.  

Linguistic skills: Slovak, Czech, French, English

Kristina works for EBN
Av de Tervuren 168
bte 25
Phone 32 2 772 89 00
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