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Jorge Sanchez
Name Jorge Sanchez
Organisation  Corallia | a2-innohub
Job title Chief Strategy and Financial Officer

Sector expertise:

Jorge-A. Sanchez-P. holds Dipl.-Ing. & Dr.-Ing. degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering (NTUA) and a Master's Certification in Professional Program & Project Management (Stevens Institute of Technology).

From 1992 till 1996 he was a research associate and consultant at various academic institutes (NTUA, ICCS, etc) and enterprises (OTE, AlgoSystems, etc). From 1996 till 1998 he was a scientific consultant to AT&T Bell Labs in the USA, and from 1998 till 2000 he was a system architect at Lucent Technologies in the Netherlands and from 2001 till 2002 the Technical Manager of the Communications Systems & Technology Group of Bell Labs EMEA. In 2002 he joined GRNET contributing to the development of European and Regional Networks and European Policies on electronic infrastructures. Since 2006 he is co-founder of JNP a technology and innovation management consulting company and co-founder and Chief Strategy and Financial Officer at Corallia (

Corallia is the national organization in Greece that promotes a framework for the development of innovative clusters in specific technology sectors. In this context, he is a consultant to the leadership of the Ministry of Development and Ministry of Education on matters relating to cluster development in Greece and has contributed to the national policy on clusters and the mapping and analysis of thematic areas and the development and implementation of cluster programs with significant results.

He has served as an expert/consultant for the European Commission (DG CNECT, DG RTD, DG REGIO), Governments (Ireland, Greece), the European ICT Association (DIGITAL EUROPE), the Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association (TERENA) and various telecom companies and VCs. He has served in the Board of the Central and Eastern European Networking Association (CEENet) and the Alexander Innovation Zone of Thessaloniki (AIZ) and was a founding member of the eInfrastructures Reflection Group (eIRG). He has also served as the Greek National Expert on Research Infrastructures for FP6, at the Computing and Data Treatment Group of ESFRI and at the Scientific Technology Options Assessment (STOA) Group of the European Parliament.

He is also a founding member of three highly-specialised clusters in knowledge-intensive thematic sectors with a strong exports-orientation in Greece: mi-Cluster (nano/microelectronics-based systems and applications), si-Cluster (space technologies and applications) and gi-Cluster (innovative gaming technologies and creative content) and currently a member of the Steering Board of mi-Cluster and si-Cluster and acting cluster manager for the si-Cluster.

Jorge is also co-founder and director of three Business Innovation Centres/Incubators: the α1.innohub and the π1.innohub and the α2.innohub, a member of the Steering Board of the Accelerator egg-enter.go.grow and member of the Steering Committee of the students’ exchange program EduTrip.

He is a member of the Advisory Board of the European Clusters Observatory, a European Cluster Benchmarking Expert of the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis, a Member of the European Cluster Managers' Club, National Representative at the European Clusters Alliance and coordinator of the European eInfrastructures Observatory.

He has received several national and international awards while studying and working in the industry. He has more than 30 articles in journals and conferences and more than 50 invited speeches.

Jorge-A. Sanchez-P. was born in Bogota, Colombia. He is married with Christina and has two kids, Alex and Anna. He is a member of the Piraeus Sailing Club and the ACE Tennis Club.

Jorge works for Corallia | a2-innohub
44 Kifissias Avenue
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